Semtest BVN Nr. 1 in România

Semtest BVN is primarily aimed at ensuring reproduction in cattle and swine by artificial insemination and intensification of breed improving programme.
As a result of our responsibility and abilities towards the selection and breeding activity, we became the main partner of the cattle breeders across Romania.


  • Semen Production
  • Semen Distribution
  • Semen Export
  • Expert Advice
Country Coverage


Semtest BVN means:

1. Experience
Over 50 years in the field recommend us, and the top genetics offered by Semtest BVN from bulls acclimated in Romania is our business card.

2. Team
he 53 specialists working in different departments, from production and semen collection to providing expert advice, make sure that the services and information received from breeders are of the highest quality.
3. Quality guarantee
The strength of the company is the semen from the bulls acclimated in Romania and rigorously tested in Germany and Austria, and the reliability and consistency of selection and breeding process is the level of production and resistance traits of the animal.

4. Breeder Advantages
Partnership with BVN Semtest Mures gives you a complete package of services in animal breeding, priced by the manufacturer at a fair price.

Do not forget :
A “seed” produced today in Semtest BVN Mures is the result of decades of selection and breeding work with seriousness and skill, and a “seed” your choice today with seriousness and skill, will bear fruit for decades in your farm.

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