Bulls Parade

The only event of its kind in Romania is held annually at the Semtest BVN headquarters every first Saturday of October.

  • A starting point in the selection and breeding
  • As a partner of the cattle and swine breeders, we believe it is our mission to offer our visitors the opportunity to see the breeders that they use in their farms
  • A long term partnership means, besides offering solutions today, a vision for the future of the breeding improvement. This can be seen during the presentation of steers that are tested and come from well consolidated lines, so that breeders can have the warranty of a good choice
  • Receive specialised, useful and complete information from our on-site experts to help and guide you with the selection and breeding work

Dear farmers, please remember that the selection and breeding programme depends on you, and each action you take will be reflected in the long-term farm development.

ParadaTaurilor 2013

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