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BVN is an elite unit in the field of animal breeding, having as main activity selection, testing and improvement of breeding bulls. An important part of these activities takes place at the BVN Germany main centre.


  • Mating nomination in order to obtain the steers
  • Selection of the steers for testing
  • Steers testing by descent and genome
  • Recommendation for breeding of the tested bulls

Pyramidal bulls selection system of the BVN unit

150 bulls in production
450 bulls in testing
3,500 bulls produced
8,000 bull-mother cows
23,000 nominated as bull-mother cows
712,000 active population
748,000 MR 559,000 race card
958,000 cows

In Romania, Semtest BVN has an important role to adapt the offer with the specific conditions, so that our products meet both your needs and market requirements in Romania.

The breed structure of the bulls found at BVN Mureş:

Bovines breed structure:
Swine breed structure:

BVN Semtest makes large investments every year, both in specialists and logistics, as to achieve every year the goals and maintain quality standards required by national and international markets.

Dear farmers, animal lovers, Semtest BVN SA unit wishes an honest, long-term partnership, based on reliability, trust and professionalism.

Semtest BVN SA – Partner of the cattle breeders in Romania

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